i'll see it when i believe it

photos by Krassi

Lack of Color boater hat, Céline slides, Vasilieva everything else

Sunday morning in Mexico a couple of weeks ago. Well, not really... but this is as close as it get to a cacti paradise. We had an empty bar to ourselves at sunrise, which equals amazing light, no crowds and my hand crafted outfit, making me feel like I belonged there. Midi skirts and cropped ruffles are everything r n. Trying to gradually transition this into Fall that's occupying Belgium just a tad too early.


Enjoy these shots. Stay inspired. And ask me anything in comments (promise, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I get my computer back).


  1. Looking so beautiful in this summery outfit!


  2. please tell me where I can get this outfit. its milan fashion week in a few weeks and I want it

  3. @Polliani

    hey! The top and the skirt are completely hand made by me as part of line. I do not have a stock of these yet. Only have one set in size Eur 36. Let me know if you are interested.


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