in my bag

Everyday basics I like to have in my bag pretty much at all times:

1. iPhone is the one thing that's always with me even when I pretty much discard everything else. The Radius case that I have on it at the moment is by Mod3 (a US based brand). Loving the idea of having the phone so bare, yet perfectly shielded from my occasional mishandling around the corners. The most sleek of cases I've seen on the web so far.
2. Cash plus my licence. The usual stuff required for getting around.
3. Aesop hand balm. Going through the third tube rn.
4. NARS eyeliner (in brown) for occasional retouching during the day. This one stays on intact well into the night, but I just like to know I have an option of fixing things up in case they get messy.
5. Shades... never leaving my house without. Even in Belgium. Zombie mode all day long. Woodsun.
6. Accessories... stackable rings (random from all over the place). I actually have these scattered around the house and I like to sort of accidentally bump into one or two and then suddenly remember I still have these. Sophie Bille Brahe pear ring that I never wore on my finger. It just haphazardly morphed into a pendant the moment I got it. Love it to bits. And finally a leather hair tie (by & Other Stories). No comments here. Everyone needs a pony tails from time to time.


  1. That iphone case is so perfect! I've never heard of it before but I am so sold <3

    Check out my blog <3 | ANASOFIACHIC

  2. so it's not just me who just stuff their cash in their bag! hahahah i love "whats in my bag" posts x

  3. @Sydney

    huh, I'm not the only one then. cash stuffed into the bag is the most convenient thing.


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