what september feels like

photos by Krassi

Zara coat, Cos tee, Topshop Leigh jeans and here, Céline slides and bag

It feels warm, and cozy and all snuggly in the most shapeless coat I own. I like to go easy on knits this time of the year. There will still be plenty of sub zero days this winter, so their moment will definitely come. Still sticking with slides for the time being, wishing subconsciously to prolong this for at least another week or so. Having my feet caged up in Converse is such a distant thought at the moment. Speaking of which. Indian Summer, where are you at?

What are you wearing r n?


  1. Fantastic outfit, so minimalistic and so stylish!


  2. I absolutely love the coat and the bag to go with it. Very neutral, very practical. xo--


  3. Gorgeous outfit, I love the bag with the pompom!

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