photos by Krassi

Cos coat and dress, Zara flats, LV bag and sunglasses

Duvet wrapping for Fall. This coat is everything if you happen to be into marshmallow colours and feel like having a cloud hugging your body. Next, think of it with a pair of vintage Levi's plus a good checkered scarf and maybe a tiny statement bag. You get the idea, right?

Right now I'm dreaming of taking this coat to Iceland and photographing it against some breathtaking scenery.

ps. headed to Italy in a couple of hours for #seewhatyouweartour with Expool. Click over here for live updates.


  1. ah i love the duvet coat on you!

  2. Лена,подскажите,пожалуйста,какой у вас размер пуховика COS? Хочу его заказать и очень сомневаюсь в выборе размера.Обычно ношу у них 36.

    1. Я взяла свой размер (36). Сидит хорошо, но сам крой довольно свободный.


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