le bleu

photos by Krassi

Vasilieva coat, Vintage Levi's #501, Zara flats, Dorothee Schumacher sweater, Uniqlo scarf, Céline box bag, Balenciaga ring 

Posting this specifically for those of you guys who have been asking about my clothing line for a while now. I have been creating sporadic garments every now and then, but nothing cohesive that deserved to be called a collection. The truth is... I took a break. Call it a hiatus if you wish, but taking care of a one year old is pretty much a twenty four / seven job. Determined to get back on track with it all and introduce a whole new Vasilieva to you by next Fall. Hope you can bare with me. In the meantime, here goes one of the latest pieces. Fresh off my sewing machine - the coat. It's a 'blue on blue' addiction on a whole new level and what feels like the most valid way to dress up rn.


  1. Looking great in this casual, boyfriend like outfit!
    Good luck with getting back on track and producing more garments for your line!



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