when clothes really translate

Listening to Sam Smith as I type this. His songs simply blow my mind (ok, old news, but still). Can't bare taking my headphones off even for a short while. I just can relate. But... back to the post at hand - Joshua Jeffrey Millard - equally blew my mind when I first saw the work of two insanely talented young men from London. I went by their showroom in Paris during #pwf and they were the sweetest to introduce me to their debut SS'16 collection. These guys are not only creating impeccably tailored garments, but they are stepping over the framework of time, making pieces so perfectly crafted that they can easily translate from one generation to another. They are primarily targeting older women, but hey... these coats and blazers are on a whole new level of 'timeless' that I could easily see any girl fantasising of such a piece hugging her shoulders. Personally, I can't get that black coat out of my mind. Picturing it with a pair of rusty Levi's #501 distressed to the point of no return and some insanely high heel stilettos.

ps. check out their lookbook and you'll know what I'm talking about


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