Céline coat and bag, Stella McCartney sweater, Cos pants, Golden Goose sneakers (here, and here)

Early bird in Antwerp on a Saturday morning. Went to catch the last week of the 'Footprint' exhibit at the MoMu and to stroll the streets in peace... window gazing, before all the shoppers have woken up.

ps. up next 'Footprint' snapshots


  1. Jacket looks nice and warm, i can only imagine how cold it is there, much like England. A nice casual look, love the sneakers x
    La Sugarlace

  2. Perfect sneakers!!

  3. Great styling and those shoes are awesome! I myself I'm a huge lover of GGDB, have five pairs and always want more. How do these studded feel, are they heavy, do they give light when you move? Anyways I'd like to see them more in action, if possible :)
    Have a great day beautiful!


    1. hey!! These feel alright. I was expecting them to be much heavier, but there isn't really a big difference with my other pair. All in all couldn't have agreed more with you. The GGDB make pretty much the best sneakers out there.


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