when it feels right

No 21 satin bow mules (there are more shopping links for those in the previous post), HM tights (now in stores)

I've been toying with an idea of glitter tights (slash socks) for a long while inside my head. It just didn't feel right up to the point when these mules materialised in my wardrobe. All I could think of back then was muted '90s silver with the intense blood red satin documented by means of a Polaroid. Throw a chunky grey knitted ensemble on top of all this and you are ready for Jardin Tuileries.


and have a productive weekend


  1. they are sold out :(

  2. Hi! I think it's only size 40 and above that are sold out. All the rest should still be available. Otherwise check out a bunch of other colours they have in stock. Black or midnight blue are definitely keepers!


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