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Arternative sweater, Levi's 501s (vintage), No 21 mules, Sunday Somewhere Matahari sunglasses, Jules Smith Americana chocker

Last Sunday's 'ARTE'... so loving these guys from Antwerp for their fresh take on casual streetwear. Hoodies, sweatshirts and such. Guys do look better in that stuff though. But I do gravitate occasionally towards all things comfort and all things cool, while still throwing a pair of most treasured #501s in and topping it all up with fresh satin mules. Speaking of which... I've been rethinking my closet for the past year or so, getting rid of a ton of stuff (on @depop, @elenavasilieva, #vasilievablog) and have lately focused my attention on primarily flats. Think statement sneakers and mules. My closet is being whittled down to a bare minimum and footwear is being reorganised trendlessly. No more seasonal shopping, but instead I'm putting all of my efforts into living off a couple of pairs of shoes forever (ok, maybe until they disintegrate beyond the point of no return). So here goes,... meet the blood red No21s.


  1. Anonymous16.2.16

    those shoessss omg amazing

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. Nice leggings :)
    Maria V.


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