by the beach

This past weekend just wrapped up yet another edition of We Can Dance, taking everyone at this boutique festival into Space. It was a blast. How is it already over?!

I put together a bunch of looks for Bershka based on what they currently carry in stock balancing things out with my personal favourites. I don't generally like to go too thematic with festival attire, so 'space age' really got me going the opposite of whites and silver or gold, opting instead for more relatable options. Shall we just hashtag it as 'space training in progress' instead. I loved the idea of reds and one pieces stacked on top of golden or silver footwear with extraterrestrial galaxy shades and tiny jewellery details that made the look oh so me.

But back to the festival. You guys have probably seen a bunch of Instagram shots I took during the weekend and there is some much more to discover about #bershkafestivaltour places around Europe you should definitely check out next Summer. WCD is a Belgian fashion and quality underground music festival which takes place in Zeebrugge off the North Sea coast. So you get the feeling, right. The atmosphere is like no other, with cool beats across four stages, gorgeous sunlight during the day and smashing sunsets in the evening, light sea breeze and abundance of all things fashion though out the entire weekend. You get to 'ride' a space rocket, dip into abyss of silver balls, eat the best selection of healthy anything (starting from vegetarian bulgur salads and going the whole way up to a lobster burger) and generally just lazy around by the beach with a bunch of your best friends.

this post is created in collaboration with Bershka
photos by me and @fiencasier

ps. here goes a Spotify playlist with the fave tunes from the #WCD16 for you guys

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  1. Gorgeous photos..looks like so much fun! And that red jumpsuit is fab <3


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