Today... let's change the topic ever so slightly and talk skincare, true Belgian heritage and pure magic. Oh, and yes, those of you who are already familiar with Delbôve will probably know what I'm getting at right away. But in case this name is alien to you, let me do the honours.

Madame Delbôve, back in the 60s, ran a tiny store in Brussels, which sold skincare products (mainly comprising of Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière, otherwise known as the 'ritual'). Together with her husband she discovered that our skin has a natural ability to regenerate and rebalance itself despite all of the environmental elements it is subjected to on a daily basis. However, to help the skin do that the Delbôve came up with a cream and a water spray formula (made of all natural substances) to help maintain skin's natural balance and to keep it radiant and fresh.

I was invited to discover their newly opened store in Antwerp a couple of weeks ago and being skeptical at first (my skin is a mess and I've been through so many creams in my life that I can't even count) I kept on postponing using the set of products I left with to try out. After about three days I finally caved. I just kept on thinking how nice all the textures felt on my hands during the presentation, so there must be at least something good about them. And boy, was I wrong... on the contrary, there is so much greatness in Delbôve skincare that I couldn't even help myself. The creams are magic (even for my skin type). They feel so velvety and instantly soothing, leaving my face looking more radiant than it's ever been with that healthy glow everyone's after. It's almost like you are wearing a foundation but you aren't .

Hashtag #magic

Just to give you guys a better perspective, here are the products I'm currently using:

1. Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière as a ritual twice a day
2. Ultra Sorcière cream for sensitive skin daily
3. Masque Plénitude for dry skin biweekly 
4. Masque Souabou for purifying my skin

This set does wonders for me and right now I am the happiest be sharing this on here (which doesn't happen ever with other beauty products). So in case you guys are intrigued and are looking to switch from your everyday routine to a skin care range that takes your morning and evening rituals to a whole new level, head over to their website and click through the selection of products they have for each skin type. Yet, don't forget, Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière are your base for always.

Delbôve is a local Belgian brand with only two gorgeous stores in the country (in Brussels and Antwerp), but they do ship internationally #kudos and #yay.

ps. do let me know if you decide to give it a try and how it makes your skin feel afterwards.
pps. I'm supporting this brand simply because I believe in their products (produced entirely in Belgium) and for their niche and non-commercial approach towards clients.

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