cloud formation

Samsoe & Samsoe dress, Morobé boots, Sissy Boy chair

I'd love to live by the beach... breathing in the salty air and have forever sandy boots and sun kissed skin. I'd love to have messy hair, you know, the kind styled skilfully by the ghastly wind. And I'd love to just sit in the dunes for hours watching the waves, and the seagulls and the sunsets of course bringing low tides and revealing so much more of the endless beach line every evening. I'd love to experience this day by day and every morning by dawn to have my camera at hand to document how inexplicably captivating this world is.

So, here goes... an ode to the Belgian coast (#belgiancoast).

photos by Delphine Casier  and me


  1. Impressive, super artsy photos!!! Beautiful work!

  2. Просто огонь!! Молодец!!

    1. спасибо, спасибо)))


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