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Ok, let's chat 'location goals' for a while here. Shifting the focus away from clothes for a minute and onto Antwerp's finest endeavour, better known as Fosbury & Sons. Three men behind this name thought to revolutionise the generic idea of a work space (slash office) and to offer pretty much anyone a cozy and home like way of working together without loosing on functionality of a modern bureau. You can embark on pretty much any enterprise within of walls of F&S or just pop by for a hot beverage or a warm meal throughout the day. They got it all covered. We wandered around the 3000 square meters of space documenting bits and pieces (while posing occasionally), but the above doesn't even begin to describe how massive, yet beyond warm and welcoming the space it. I just kept on thinking I wanted to move in and never leave again. The whole experience of working (slash hanging out) in an environment like F&S is inspiring on another level.

So, in case you are looking for a place where you can be your most creative self, drop by F&S in Antwerp. And you will probably never want to leave.

documented by yours truly and Delphine Casier

ps. in case you have questions about what I was wearing, or anything else for that matter, drop a message in comments and I'll get back to you asap.

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